An Interview with Paige Hathaway


How did you hear about

Paige: They contacted my agent, and said they were interested in having a call talking about their vision and whether or not both sides felt it was a good fit. We get a fair amount of calls but my agent Ali Reda, is already involved in working with special needs kids, so he was enthused, and so was I.
What made you decide to partner with them? 
Paige: Well I liked the idea of what they were doing working with special needs families, people struggling with cancer and other conditions:it seemed like a great thing to be doing. They said  they wanted to put a bigger emphasis on wellness and fitness, and thats where I could fit in. As we kept talking I got more excited, especially about my ability to create more awareness, and also get people healthier!
I imagine you get a lot of offers?
Paige: I do but I am in a position to be pretty selective. Money is not a big motivation at this point, doing something meaningful is. I've been blessed to have this success and now I'd like to spend the next phase of my life, helping others. Its what I've been doing the last two years and this is a logical extension of that. I'm really excited about it!
You've gone public talking about having a tough does that come into play here?
Paige: Its true I've been through a lot of struggles, and I've used that adversity to become a stronger person, inside and out. I know what it was like to have it tough as a child, and thats probably why I have an affinity for children, especially those with special needs or battling cancer. I've had my share of challenges, now my priority is giving back to those in need.
What will your role be?
Paige: Quite a few things actually. On the site I will be making custom videos for the user membership, as well as a blog, pictures, and diet and exercise tips. I will also be a member in the network so I can interact with my fans and other members. What I'm most excited about is being a special needs ambassador and meeting in person with those who are struggling or could use a hug.I plan on visiting some childrens hospitals and similar types of activities.
Why a special needs ambassador?
Paige: I love children and theres something especially moving when some one so young, seems to have been given a tough start in life. If I can cheer up some of these kids, or provide inspiration of motivation, its the least I can do.
What are your hopes for the site?
Paige: Well to really build the first healthcare social network! Kind of a facebook meets webmd but with modern content. We think that wellness and fitness are great ways to stop conditions from starting in the first place! Obviously creating greater awareness of special needs like cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome etc is one of my goals
Do you have a message for your fans?
Paige: Well I would tell them to create an account on the site today! You can interact with me and join the new fitness groups I'm creating, and get a chance to discuss your fitness goals on a social network designed for that purpose! I've worked hard at creating great content and there will be new things all the time so come join me!


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Ryan gallegos says:

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Miriam Fayas-Whitfield says:

This is so amazing to see. I hope I can be apart of this type of interaction and bring inspiration to others and especially the younger people or children. A child's life can be greatly influences by a person who instills in them positive outlooks and strong mental attitudes. Those are the ones who will remember into their adult life and take action. Incredible step to bringing awareness!!! 545 days ago

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