The real truth about carbs vs fats: A Cancer Legend speaks out


Carbs verus  Fat:My Discussion with a Medical Legend.


I have heard a million different things over the last ten years regarding the healthiest diet. Eggs are bad...well maybe not that bad. Sugar is terrilbe, but is it really? Alcohol is good for you..bad for its good for you!. Fat will make you fat,,no its Carbs,,good fats bad fats,,its information overload isnt it?

On a trip out to Newport Beach California, this weekend for an investor conference, I had an opportunity to spend 72 hours with a legend in the medical community, and a great friend of mine, acclaimed Cancer Surgeon Dr Thomas Mesko. There are few if any experts around the world who can talk about this subject with more knowledge and experience. Dr Mesko runs the Cancer Center at Mt Sinai Hospital here in Miami, and speaks everyday for the last thirty years with the highest level experts on all issues surrounding health. I am going to share his thoughts on what we should eat,,,and what we should not eat. 



Dr Mesko and I engaged in a wide ranging discussion about his recomendations for weight loss, muscle building,and  avoiding conditions like diabetes and cancer. The talk was truly eye opening and completely changed by thinking about what to eat and not eat after our discussion. Let me share with you his thoughts


Dr Mesko recommended one alcoholic beverage a day. His studies concluded that that is the perfect level. A drink a day can have a relaxing effect, is good for the heart and blood pressure and will decrease stress for most people. He is NOT advocating getting drunk or even more then one drink for your health. One a day is his suggestion.


He said that eating sugary foods like sweets is not per se,goijng to  cause diabetes or make you fat. Moderation is the key, He said there was no proven difference regarding your health if you choose to eat sugar or replace it with a carb that has zero sugar, Sugar has been castigated by "experts" but they misunderstand the problem.

Egg Yolks

Go ahead and have a couple of eggs every morning. They will not affect your heart. Like other experts recently, Dr Mesko feels like inflamation not cholesterol is what causes heart problems. Egg yolks are full or nutrition and should not be avoided!

Bagels (and Pasta!!)

This is my favorite food and used to be Dr Meskos. He cut them out and lost 30 lbs in a year. Did you know that a bagel had 55 grams of carbs? Avoid the bagel and similar types of food stuffs like muffins and croissants. Pasta is also a super no no.Its a carb superbomb


Dr Mesko says indeed CARBS are the reason for weight gain, belly fat, etc. They contribute tremendously to heart disease, obesity, certain cancers and are a GIGANTIC factor in diabetes. Heres what happens when you eat a lot of carbs. Your pancreas goes crazy. It starts pumping more and more insulin which results in weight gain, increased appetite and loss of energy. CARBS whether they are simple sugars,complex sugars or NON SUGARY carbs all work the same on your body!

So whats the key to great health. a reasonable body weight and long life? Its a diet relatively low in carbs. Again he insists it doesnt matter what kind of carbs relative to your weight, possible obestity and diabetes. Hes not , he told me, talking about the nutrional benefit..there are BETTER and WORSE carbs but the KEY is that TOTAL amount of carbs you eat everyday. Thank you Dr Mesko!!!



Jon Sazer says:

Mesko the legend speaks!!! 405 days ago

Miriam Whitfield says:

Those carbs are definitely a big reason for all those health issues. Dr. Mesko is the man and knows first hand! Truly a legend! 405 days ago

Eric Whitfield says:

He definitely knows his stuff! 405 days ago

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Dr Mesko knows his stuff! 405 days ago

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