Spring is Here and so is the Sun!


Now that spring is here, many of us will be involved with more outside activities. Along with enjoying the sun, its important to remember to avoid its damaging effects and to always use sunscreen . I am often asked about which sunscreens to use and whether they are safe.

Regarding the safety of sunscreens, it appears that there are many active and inactive ingredients in these products. There has been suggestion that some ingredients may have unwanted health side effects but so far there have been no human studies that I am aware of to confirm any serious effects. Oxybenzone gets some negative attention regarding possible hormonal effects but these effects are unproven. Probably the greatest concern is with skin sensitivity or allergies that some people may have to ingredients in these products. The FDA regulates sunscreen product claims and safety and the American Academy of Dermatology has not listed any of the ingredients in sunscreens to be unsafe. In fact they clearly state that it is more unsafe to your health to not use these products than to use them.

The FDA recommends using sunscreen with at least 15 spf, while the Academy of Dermatology recommends using at least spf of 30. Anything over 50 spf is likely not beneficial. The sunscreen used should be water resistant and reapplied every 2 hours and anytime after being in the water or after sweating.

I am a clear advocate of sunscreen!  I would just recommend finding a sunscreen that "agrees" with your skin and use it liberally on sun exposed areas when outside.

Best of Health!


Jennifer Joslin says:

Thank you for this post. I have had this concern 373 days ago

Jon Sazer says:

Thanks Tom! It's always a please to hear your words of wisdom! 373 days ago

Matthew Ehrlich says:

Amazing advice as usual :clap: 372 days ago

Vitaly Shafran says:

Thank you Dr. Mesko! Do you feel it's important to wear sunscreen early in the morning before the sun is at its strongest? Say between 8-10am? 372 days ago

Maria A. Ruszkowski says:

Thank you Dr Mesko! This is so important to know. :blush: 372 days ago

Miriam Whitfield says:

This is so important! Thanks for this Dr. Mesko!! 372 days ago

Thomas Mesko MD says:

Vitaly, its best to wear sunscreen anytime you will be exposed to the sun. Even in the morning! 372 days ago

Eric Whitfield says:

Always good to read great information from you Dr. Mesko! 372 days ago

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