The Opposite of Loneliness


The Opposite of Loneliness When I was a very young man I sold a business I started for 50 Million dollars, the majority of which went to me directly on the sale. Because of a variety of reasons, unlike when i sold my FIRST business,,,I did not stick around...hey I was not wanted. So here I was,,not old enough to run for President,,but set for life financially. I say this not to brag but to tell you what it REALLY FELT LIKE to achieve your "dream" or ambition. Even though i was "rich" I do not have a job,,,or anything to do. I was like one of those rock stars who now lived in a great mansion but had no one to spend time with all day. Heres something that may surprise you...the two years between getting all that money and before I started my next venture were terrible, miserable and unhappy years...Why??? Isnt money SUPPOSED to make you happy???


Here are some of the things that made me miserable

1)I was lonely. Everyone I knew was working hard,,trying to pay off their mortgage etc...they were working while I was trying to figure out how to entertain myself

2)I was bored out of my mind!! See above

3)My life lacked purpose.. What the heck was I supposed to do with the next 50 years of my life? Become an accoutant or something. What kind of "job" would I take?

4)I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Eg girls looking for a rich boyfriend..People wanting to use me for money..gamblers,,drinkers etc.

In other words I was much unhappier then I was before or AFTER this period. I realized the most valuable lesson I could ever get. Money does not "buy" happiness and I, like most people needed to have a productive, meaningful way to spend my hours everyday. This of course leads us to Healthost.


As many people know I started Healthost as a special needs website to get better information to special needs families, and to manage medical information and records in a better way. As the years went buy,,the scope of what we did kept expanding. Most of our 20,000 new visitors a day come for fitness, wellness and nutrition but we still get plenty who come for things like Cerebral palsy, lymphoma and depression.

I have gotten more then my share of "haters" because of the choice to use social media and fitness to get more awareness for things like autism or breast cancer. I am sorry its upset some people, but I have also received tens of thousands of messages from people thanking us, and talkiing specifically as to how we helped. Its the greatest feeling in the world.

For most of the last 5 years, I did not think of  Healthost as a business,,but rather strickly a passion,,and that REALLY is what it is, As we have connected with people from around the world(184 countries,,isnt that crazy???" I have woken up each and every one of those days with limitless energy and a desire to make each day count. As someone who has exprerience life from many sides I can say this with certainty...The only REAL happiness and fulfillment comes from a life filled with helping other AND interacting with others. Its the opposite of loneliness


We are in the end,,social creatures. Being locked in a big house with stacks of money is not my idea of happiness,,spending the day building something,,connecting with people who share your mission...well that really ended up working for me!


Jerod Lambert says:

What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing! 371 days ago

Kelsey Willey says:

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing your story 371 days ago

Jon Sazer says:

There's much more to life than money. I feel the same feeling of fulfillment with Healthost. 371 days ago

Eric Whitfield says:

It's your way of thinking that got this company so far! Great share! 370 days ago

Melissa Crable says:

Your story never gets old :two_hearts: quite humbling and motivating. 370 days ago

Jake Andrusko says:

You nailed EXACTLY what I'm struggling with at the moment Matthew. Loneliness is at a high, and I'm constantly searching for that "productivity" in my day to day life. I've made some big decisions as of late in hopes to counteract these issues, so I appreciate the relatability of this post! 370 days ago

Jessica Catelani says:

Such a great story! Thank you for sharing!! 370 days ago

Meagan Blanchette says:

Thank you for sharing Matt! 370 days ago

Miriam Whitfield says:

Such a great message for many who feel money will make them happy again. To see what you have created with Healthost, is truly phenomenal and heart felt. I'm so glad to be apart of the family and see what the future holds! 370 days ago

Courtney Mighell says:

Wow, I loved reading your story! We are in the era of social media and it's really a blessing to connect people who are going through medical challenges or being faced with a new diagnosis. Especially for many families whom I work with the would love a support network of others who really know what's it's like. 369 days ago

Krystle Colon-Garcia says:

Inspiring story! Thank you for allowing us to have an outlet to share, learn & create. Honored to be a apart of this wonderful community! 368 days ago

Maribel Butts says:

Thanks for sharing I too have stories that money doesn't buy happiness. I seen my mom's success ruin our family. When I met my husband I moved from a big house where we barely spoke to eachother to a duplix with a family of 6 and I will tell you that was when I was able to see life for what it really was. Since than it has brought the foundation of humility in my life. One I'll never take forgranted. Connection is definitely a lifeline! 368 days ago

Ronnie Seagraves says:

Always a good read Matt 363 days ago

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