Company Overview is a health and fitness social network that connects and empowers users with contacts, both personal and professional, together with deep and actionable health, wellness, and fitness information. Features such as news feed, health topic research, personalization of medical records and provider integration, provide the user with a health and fitness web platform unlike any other.

Growth & Traction

  • Desktop, Mobile and App Page Views*: +2,000% Year-Over-Year
  • 95% of that increase was mobile!
  • Annual Run Rate of New Visitors: 5 Million+
  • # of Countries and Territories Represented: 184


Healthost is selling 525,000 total shares of convertible preferred stock valued at $6.00 per share. Funding will allow for continued growth of the company through:

  • Marketing and branding partnerships with celebrities and fitness icons through social media and other vehicles
  • Formation of partnerships (sponsorships) with large companies, hospital networks, and universities to create a native advertising environment to strengthen monetization
  • In-house software development and increased hosting capacity
  • Enhancement of the app, desktop, and mobile versions
  • Expansion of ambassador program

Healthost App

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Location/Base of Operations
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Previous Funding:
$1,200,000.00 - 8 Investors.
Offering Details:
Offering Size: $3,150,000.00
Offering Type: Convertible Perferred Stock
Total Shares Offered: 525,000
Price Per Share: $6.00
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